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This page archives the history of images used for the "splash" screen when launching the Star Wars: Card Trader digital App. It's the first image the user sees before continuing to the loading screen. The image changes periodically, following a big event such as a major software update or launch of a new Base series.

Please note: the list is incomplete and not all images have been captured. Some images are difficult to track down, as they are no longer available within the app and there is no official archive of these images easily accessible online. The list will continue to be updated as more information and images are found.


Splash Image Description Release Date
The splash image was changed in a minor update, which saw the removal of Cara Dune, and replaced with Fennec Shand. Note, we think it was updated in v15.3.0 released around Feb 17, 2021. Feb 2021
The splash image was updated following the launch of version 14.0.0 for the season 2 release of The Mandalorian. Oct 22, 2020
The splash image was updated following the launch of 2020 Base - Series 2 for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. May 19, 2020
The splash image was updated following the launch of a major software update (version 10.0.1) featuring a new look / layout and the release of 2020 Base Series.[1] Nov 22, 2019[1]
No image New Splash Screen & Icon: New year, new look! A new version of the launch screen and app icon added (SWCT version 9.3.2).[2] Jan 10, 2019[2]
The splash image was updated following the launch of SWCT version 8.4.0 with Hoth theme.[3][4] Feb 5, 2018[3][4]
Celebrating the upcoming Force Friday event with updated splash screen featuring Star Wars: The Last Jedi.[5] Aug 31, 2017[5]
To celebrate the release of the newest film in the Star Wars saga, Topps launched a major update featuring new favourites from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, hand-painted scenes from the film, and legendary weapons and characters.[6] Dec 21, 2015[6]
Celebrating Force Friday with updated splash screen and icon featuring Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters.[7] Sep 4, 2015[7]
Splash screen in use around July 2015.[8] 2015[8]

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