|cardname=Luke Skywalker           Ref CARD INFO page (App) or Card image. Discretion advised as may differ
|cardname2=RED FIVE                Match case on CARD INFO page (App), if no mention in CARD INFO, then match case on Card image
|image=[[File:image.png]]          Screenshot of card front from App
|caption=                          Not currently in use
|id=                               Ref CARD INFO page (App)
|award=Wave II Super Award
|set=[[Name of Set]]               Ref CARD INFO page (App)
|wave=                             Ref SETS & AWARDS page (App) or Topps Transmissions or Transmission Archive
|card_number=                      Ref Card image (front or back)
|release_year=2020                 Ref CARD INFO page (App)
|preview_date=                     For cards visible in the app, but not yet released
|release_date=                     Ref Topps Transmissions or Transmission Archive. Do not use App as news history isn't archived there
|parallels=Tier 1 (White)          Ref CARD INFO page (App)
|media=Star Wars: A New Hope       Ref CARD INFO page (App)
|prev=                             If numbered set, then link to previous card in Set
|next=                             If numbered set, then link to next card in Set


Categories that are automatically added to a page

Description If used If blank Notes
{{Card}} exists on page Category:Cards Whenever this template is used on a page
|image= Category:Pages with missing infobox image
|cardname= Category:Pages with missing cardname
|id= Category:Pages with missing card ID
|award= Category:Award Cards
|set= [[Category:{{{set}}}]] Category:Pages with missing set Extracts the name of the set, e.g. Category:Base Series 1
|release_year= [[Category:YYYY Cards]] Category:Pages with missing release year Extracts 4 digit year, e.g. Category:2015 Cards
|release_date= Category:Pages with missing release dates
|parallels= Category:Pages with missing parallels
==Lore== plus text Category:Cards with text Category:Pages with missing set {{ArticleText}} is used in this template to check this condition. Sometimes "Cards with text" won't show immediately after publishing the page. This can be resolved by doing a "Dry" edit (click Edit and then Publish without making any changes), it then will appear.
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