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Example usage

|name=Name of Set
|award=*[[Name of award card 1]]
*[[Name of award card 2]]
|first_release_date=15 Jan 2020
|parallels=*Tier 1 (White)
*Tier 2 (Blue)
*Tier 3 (Green)
|master_set=[[A Master Set]]
|related_sets=*[[Another Set 1]]
*[[Another Set 2]]
|media=''Star Wars: A New Hope''


Categories that are automatically added to a page

Description If used If blank Notes
{{Set}} Category:Sets Whenever this template is used on a page.
{{PAGENAME}} [[Category:{{PAGENAME}}| ]] Extracts the pagename, e.g. Category:Base Series 1
|image= Category:Pages with missing infobox image Default is File:BaseLogo.png when blank.
|name= {{PAGENAME}} Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}, e.g. Base Series 1
|cards_with_text= Category:Sets including cards with text Default is blank. Use Yes to populate.
|release_year= [[Category:YYYY Cards]] Category:Pages with missing release year Extracts 4 digit year, e.g. Category:2015 Cards
|first_release_date= Category:Pages with missing release dates
|parallels= Category:Pages with missing parallels
|master_set= [[:Category:Category:{{{master_set}}}]] Not currently in use.
|complete= Category:Complete Sets Default is blank. Use Yes to populate.