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This is a growing archive of transmissions and news updates from Topps and other unofficial outlets, with the most recent at the top. Please note, this list is incomplete and a huge amount of effort is required to search, identify, backup and collate these links. Typical sources are:

  • Topps Digital Transmission Newsletters ( &, both official - no search feature available) - PREFERRED
  • @ToppsSWCT on Twitter (official @ToppsDigital's StarWars: Card Trader)
  • (unofficial Topps transmission archive)
  • @SWCT_info on Twitter (unofficial Star Wars: Card Trader)
  • (unofficial, however some pages have been invaluable sources of research including /r/starwarstrader, some useful posts like An Oral History of SWCT and setinfo)
  • and possibly some more unofficial sites...

Reader discretion is advised with some of the unofficial sources, however in the absence of official sources, these have been quite informative.

Searching for official Topps transmissions across the web

These are often difficult to find as there is no official list for us to look at. However, if you're feeling brave and want to get involved helping to find some, one way of doing this is using the site: and inurl: filters in Google, and then adding the search term you're after. Note, most of the older transmissions used, however it's worth checking also. Some examples: inurl:swcardtrader inurl:swcardtrader inurl:swcardtrader 2015-03-12 inurl:swcardtrader 2020 base inurl:swcardtrader journey

Adding web citations to pages

Web citations can be added to individual pages by the following the guidelines found under the Guidelines - Sourcing section.